Messages From The Universe and Exciting New Steps on My Path

For several years now, during my personal meditations, during my explorations into my Akashic Records, in activations I’ve received in the various energy healing workshops I’ve attended, I’ve received a persistent message; to teach. Whether it’s been visual images of myself teaching a group, and/or verbal messages, or just a sense of knowing, it’s been recurring and consistent. And quite honestly, I’ve not been too keen on the idea of this. I don’t particularly enjoy speaking in front of a group or having attention centred on me. So for the most part, well I won’t say that I’ve flat out ignored these messages, but I’ve basically just “tucked them away” in the back of my mind with the thought of, maybe someday, in the far distant future, I’ll consider this. 

Well, a recent series of events and the strongest messages I’ve yet to receive have led to my decision to take this step Now. 

It started in one of my personal meditations. I do many types of meditations, but at least several times a week, I meditate to receive messages from The Universe. I will do this by playing some solfeggio frequency music, taking a few crystals to hold or place on my body, and then just quieting the mind, and announcing something to the effect of:

“Dear God, Angels, Masters, Guides, all Multidimensional Beings of 100% God Light who wish to join me during this meditation, to transmit any messages for my highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved, I am open to receive, with Love and Gratitude. Open to receive, open to receive, open to receive.”

And then I just see who shows up and what they have to tell me. 

Recently during one of these sessions, I received a message relating to another person. This has always been a bit difficult for me, because I would always worry how the person will react to the message if I tell them; will they appreciate the information? Will they just ignore it? Will they look at me like I’m a nutter and tell me to get lost? 

But, I’ve come to learn that none of that actually matters. That I am only the messenger, and once I deliver the message, my responsibility ends there. What they choose to do or not do with the information is between them and The Universe. 

So, during the meditation, I received a message about a potential Light Worker. I then went looking for information to pass on to this individual, but was not able to find what I needed. But during this search, another conversation led to the topic of me teaching. I again said, “Maybe someday I will”.

In the following nights meditation, the message to teach was clear and persistent; that the one on one energy work I’m doing is great, but ultimately I should also be helping to activate more Light Workers. I came out of that meditation with the mindset of “Yes, I understand this. If I hear about any teacher training courses in the area in the future, I will look into taking the training.” 

Well, next time I checked my messages where I made the initial inquiry, I received a response that, no, there weren’t any of the first level classes coming up, just a teacher training course in August. 😯

The Universe can be really persistent sometimes. So finally I said “Ok Universe! Fine! I get it! You want me to teach. I will! So be it, I will take this training!” 🙌

And so it is. I am now signed up for the New Paradigm MDT Teacher training course, taking place next month. Upon completion, I will be able to provide activations and certification for all who feel called to this modality and the Light Worker path. I’m really quite excited about this now. 

So for anyone feeling this calling, stay posted or just get in touch in a couple of months, and I will start looking into options of scheduling a class. I look forward to assisting your journey into the Light Worker Path! 🙏😁☮️🌌

Love & Light 

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